April 20, 2017

Switch Emulators: US Authority warns about offers

Switch Emulators: US Authority warns about offers

Die Nintendo switch is all the rage, many gamers want to lay hands on the new Daddelkiste games. But not everyone can afford the purchase of the console. A cheap alternative is offered by emulators, which can be loaded free of charge from the net. But beware: Here lies a common trap! In fact, there is no emulator software for Nintendo switch games. This was recently made clear by the US Federal Trade Commission in an official paper. 

The Federal Authority warns against the offer of corresponding software. Behind it, in most cases, an attempt is made to install malicious software on private computers and to get personal information from unsuspecting Nintendo fans. Players should not click any links that advertise a Nintendo Switch emulator, and under no circumstances participate in surveys that provide access to the appropriate software. In particular, you should avoid giving credit card data in all circumstances.


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