June 01, 2017

Download Fifa 2012, Soccer simulation game for PC

Download Fifa 2012, Soccer simulation game for PC
Fifa 2012 Download One more Christmas, we can enjoy one of the best sports simulators on the market, dedicated to the sport king.

One more edition, the new Fifa is still willing to continue improving so that our experience is more and more realistic.

A new engine of impact , not only will give greater realism to the inputs that we make, affecting all kinds of jumps, collisions, loads, where players are no longer mere objects that were intermingled, to be solid bodies. An engine, which we can also feel in the injuries, because thanks to it become much more realistic.

It increases the precision in the defense, being much more complicated to take the ball to the opposite team and of course the precision in the dribble, weapon that we can use to cross the rockier defenses.

An intelligence much more advanced than highlight more the virtues of the players and many more improvements that will be able to discover during the game.


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