May 02, 2017

Download Ultrasurf to navigate without leaving traces

Download Ultrasurf to navigate without leaving traces
Ultrasurf Download One of the problems of Internet browsing is the need for privacy, especially when using computers and networks from others. For this, you can download the latest version of UltraSurf for free.

The great advantage of downloading UltraSurf is that it allows the user to be able to have a safe browsing through the network , since it deletes the cookies and the history of pages visited in Internet Explorer, when the computer is turned off.

Another feature of UltraSurf is that it hides your IP address , making it appear in another country different from yours, making navigation much safer, remaining anonymous and without traces that you have occupied that computer.

Perhaps, the only drawback of having to use the UltraSurf is that it is only an application that works with Windows Explorer. In case you decide to download it, it is compatible with Win 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7.


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