May 25, 2017

Download Tool to verify system security in Linux

Download Tool to verify system security in Linux
Tool Download is BackTrack and is compatible with Linux (Console and X11 KDE). It is in English language, weighs 1.9 GB and is free. Note that to download it you will need a BitTorrent client.

BackTrack is an excellent program for Linux focused on the security of the computer and the system, mainly. Thanks to it, you can count on all the appropriate tools to check the security of your computer and obtain a detailed report on the results of the investigation.

BackTrack for Linux is focused on a rather expert audience, however, on its official website they offer a tutorial so anyone can install and configure it. Among the outstanding features, we find: Good selection of packages, low resource consumption, various boot modes, disk and USB installation.

As I said before, the negative thing is that it is not suitable for all audiences. It also comes with a text / console mode.


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