May 25, 2017

Download Teeworlds Free Online Game for Linux

Download Teeworlds Free Online Game for Linux
Teeworlds Download is a free action game that weighs 7 MB, is compatible only with the Linux X11 operating system and is available in English.

TeeWorlds was rated by experts as very good and it is an action game that is developed in first person, two-dimensional. The goal is to eliminate all opponents by using any type of weapon, including hand grenades, pistols or missile launchers. You will win if you are the one that most enemies have killed.

It offers the possibility to choose between any of the 17 different characters and also fight with one or more people in each scenario available with internet or LAN.

Some gamers compare it to Counter Strike,however, TeeWorlds is a more casual and cheerful game, if that adjective is allowed on a killing mission.


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