May 31, 2017

Download RTBot, real-time search and with filters

Download RTBot, real-time search and with filters
RTBot Download When we decide to look for something in particular we always choose the Google search engine although we must have some diversities as the next web tool that we will know today. This tool is a search engine that no doubt will use because it has some very interesting functions.

RTBot is a web tool whose function is to search for information in real time, in addition this search engine has integrated some filters that are well known as videos, wikipedia, news, blog, Images, documents and also some publications in Twiiter.

The interface of this site is not very noticeable but the function that exerts may interest us a lot. When we are looking for a video the site automatically redirects it to another window and plays it, but all the other functions of the other sites are similar to this one.


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