May 13, 2017

Download NitroPDF, convert your documents to PDF

Download NitroPDF, convert your documents to PDF
NitroPDF Download previously known as PrimoPDF ,is undoubtedly the most popular application for converting documents to PDF.With this powerful and simple tool, users can transform Word documents or PowerPoint presentations to PDF formats with just one click.

NitroPDF is a unique tool for Windows platforms, and it is certainly a very lightweight application with minimal requirements. Unlike other applications, NitroPDF integrates slightly with the latest versions of Microsoft Office as if it were a printer so that when the user wants to export a document to PDF (without using the official Office conversion) can be done with the button And selecting NitroPDF as the NitroPDF printer,  thus creating a digital document in PDF format of the original document.

The most recent versions of NitroPDF are pay versions with trial periods, which can be downloaded from the official website.


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