May 13, 2017

Download Never again a physical CD with Daemon Tools

Download Never again a physical CD with Daemon Tools
Daemon Tools Download is an extremely useful program that allows you to mount virtual units of CDs and DVDs. Its operation is extremely easy: an image made from the "mother" disk is mounted with Daemon Tools,and that way we can access all the information on the disk, without having the need to have it physically.

Daemon Tools not only has this super useful feature. You can also create virtual drives from protected CDs and DVDs, to share the content of your multimendia files with whoever you want. Daemon Tools also serves as an emulator for SafeDisk, Laserlock, Securom and RMPS.

Daemon Tools,besides being free, has a variety of excellent functions so you can mount virtual drives or even create them, so you do not have to use the physical CD or DVD anymore.You will have your multimedia files on your PC, without worrying that the CD or DVD may scratch or break.


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