May 31, 2017

Download NetSpeedmonitor A tool to monitor data traffic

Download NetSpeedmonitor A tool to monitor data traffic
NetSpeedmonitor Download It is NetSpeedmonitor,an effective free tool that will allow you to monitor the traffic of data in your computer, which also provides a monitoring of the speed of information transfer in real time of the PC.

For those curious who want to know the performance of the computer or network when downloading things from the internet, this application may like them, because it controls the network, the load, the download speed , the amount of data transferred, making a Compared to previous days or months.

The advantage is that it shows the charge and discharge rate in real, real time. It can be configured to display data on different drives,such as Kbit/s (Kilobits per second), Kb/s (Kilobytes per second), Mb/s (Megabytes per second),etc. It allows us to save this information and see it whenever we want.

When NetSpeedmonitor is installed it starts automatically, we configure the language and the way the data is displayed and ready, you can begin to detail all the information.


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