May 14, 2017

Download Improve your graphics card with 3D Analyze

Download Improve your graphics card with 3D Analyze
Improve your graphics card Download 3D Analyze is a very useful tool for the computer, especially if you play many video games. 3D Analyze, true to its name, "analyzes" the state of the graphics card of your computer and, wherever possible, improves its functions so that you have a better experience when you play the computer.

3D Analyze allows you to configure your graphics card to work better and more efficiently. Try different variables until you see that your graphics card is optimized to the maximum and ready to perform at its maximum power. 3D Analyze is an excellent application for graphics cards a little used or that have come out a long time, since this tool improves to the maximum the graphics cards that do not support much, making them work better.

3D Analyze supports the Direct X and OpenGL video programs, according to the game for which you are going to optimize the system.


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