May 31, 2017

Download Image Storage on the Internet

Download Image Storage on the Internet
Image Storage on the Internet Download If you have a Mac and you want to have all the photos that come down from the network in one place and ordered by tags, you should disagree Sparkbox.

This tool is very useful for temporary Internet files, such as photographs, and has just come to light in the Mac Apple Store. With it you can have all the images in one place with different colors to separate and identify them faster.

It can be used, for example, to have screen captures or other elements of the web as a database for design or for blogs. Sparkbox has interesting details like drag-and-drop the images to add them from other folders that are in the computer.

We can also use a color picker to separate the photos in which that tone predominates, an integrated browser that takes screenshots and a comment function that, in the form of a box, allows us to add text to the image with a description,for example.


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