May 14, 2017

Download Feel like an artist using Picasa

Download Feel like an artist using Picasa
Feel like an artist using Picasa Download This program for Linux operating system allows you to organize and edit your photos,and is supported by nothing less than the world's number one search engine, Google.

Thanks to Picasa you can create themed albums to save photographs,which will appear in thumbnail. This allows you to edit them with different effects, change the brightness, remove red eyes, change the color, contrast, etc.

Among the editing options you can find: better sharpness, sepia, black and white, more warmth, saturation, blurring, halo, black and white filtering, graduated tone and partial black and white.

Picasa excels at exporting images,since you can burn them to a CD, send them by email, upload them to an online album, print them or publish them to your blog. It has an excellent assortment of effects and editing tools and is compatible with most image formats. The trouble is that he is not focused on drawing.


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