April 19, 2017

Pure electric: Skoda shows the Vision E in Shanghai

Pure electric: Skoda shows the Vision E in Shanghai

The leeward, spacious, futuristic: The VW subsidiary Skoda apparently imagines the mobile future. At the "Auto Shanghai" the company presented the "Vision E", a fully-electric SUV with chic portals. And although the vehicle is currently only a study, Skoda already gives an outlook on the desired performance data. Thus, the Vision E is to create a distance of 500 kilometers without intermission and refresh the cells by induction. The system power of the two electric motors is 225 kW (305 hp) and the maximum speed is Skoda with 180 km / h.

Skoda Vision E: Dimensions, drive and connectivity
The four-wheel drive vehicle is a study 4.64 meters long, 1.92 meters wide and 1.55 meters high. Inside there are four shell seats, a generous luggage compartment and a lot of assistance systems. Thus, the car can drive on the highway alone and take over parking in the city. Skoda is aiming for an autonomy at level 3 of 5 (high automation). An autonomous ride is possible, but requires the sporadic supervision of the driver. An LTE hotspot is available to the passengers during the journey. Skoda plans to build such a vehicle by 2025.


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