April 13, 2017

Instagram Direct: Photos and videos disappear by themselves

Instagram Direct: Photos and videos disappear by themselves

Facebook and Snap Inc. are not likely to be friends in this life. While Snapchat was a long time enthusiast of many users with its technology, Facebook digs the competitor with his photo app Instagram more and more the water. Now, the Zuckerberg Group is copying another function for Instagram , which is known from Snapchat.

Instagram Direct: Visible only briefly
With Instagram Direct, you can show your friends and acquaintances pictures and videos in a direct chat only until the recipient has seen them. Afterwards, the receiver can look at this material one more time, then it is concluded. The app informs the sender of all these actions. You look at the picture a second time? Written down. Perhaps you even took a screenshot of it? Also noted. This makes Instagram more and more like its rival from Snap Inc.Which is likely to delight the target group.According to TechCrunch, Snapchat's well-known stories at Instagram are now a huge success.


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