April 23, 2017

Download Transformers Universe, save or conquer the world

Download Transformers Universe, save or conquer the world
Transformers Universe Download is a PvP focused on MOTA (Online Multiplayer Action Game), where players can choose a side, either with the Autobots or Decepticons in their fight for control of the Earth in games in PvP instances. Before each match, players can deploy a Starter Transformers and choose to customize it with additional power cores and stat attributes to further enhance their capabilities. Each Transformers owns their own style of play, giving players the opportunity to play both an offensive and supportive role. All the transformers start with a unique 3 different weapons for each one in particular, along with three other abilities, both in its normal mode and its vehicle mode.
Transformers Universe, save or conquer the world

Speaking of vehicle mode, players can easily transform into their vehicle form, unique to every transformers, and to venture through the maps of the game. The ease with which players can withdraw from the battle through the use of their vehicle form allows intense moments of cat and mouse play as the fleeing player tries to evade the damage received while seeking the help of his teammates. game. A very fun game if you are a fan of the series, so do not wait any longer and start downloading Transformers Universe for free.


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