April 27, 2017

Download Streamwriter: Burn your favorite online radios

Download Streamwriter: Burn your favorite online radios
Streamwriter Download is a free program for PC that will be of many utility to you if you are of those who like to listen to the radio online. Surely you remember when you had that classic radio cassette with which you could record on tape the songs you liked on the radio. Well now you can do the same with Streamwriter. Record the audio you want from online radio and save it in the format you want.

You can record internet radio in MP3 or ACC format, you can also cut songs in the silences to create a separate song file. The program itself has a large number of stations of all styles so you can choose the ones you like most and you can record all the music you want.

The best thing about this free pc program called Streamwriter is that it locates pauses between songs and generates separate files for each music.


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