April 25, 2017

Download Picasa, the best free photo organizer

Download Picasa, the best free photo organizer
Picasa Download is a very popular image organizer , which can help users of all levels of knowledge find, edit or share all the photos located on your hard drive. After installation, the program will automatically scan your computer, find all your images, and then can help you easily organize in various collections and albums. Picasa comes with some very interesting features, such as its integration with Google Earth , which allows you to add geographical tags to images, allowing you to search for images by their color, and allows you to upload them to Picasa Web Albums . Having Picasa installed on the PC can not only create well-organized image libraries,
Picasa, the best free photo organizer

Picasa has amazing set of tools that span everything from metadata support, advanced searches, organization, editing, even in the web interface, easy tools for viewing images in various modes, cloud backup, geotagging, Web albums, and much more.

As one of Google's leading imaging services , this app can also be used for free, without any limitations, or excessive advertising, or subscription demands. Do not waste more time, and if you want to organize your images better, start downloading Picasa for free.


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