April 25, 2017

Download ICQ, excellent program to chat with your friends

Download ICQ, excellent program to chat with your friends
ICQ Download is one of the most used instant messaging programs, and has more than 50 million registered users. ICQ has a new tool for message history, moods, Facebook Chat connectivity and notifications from Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Mail.ru. Chat with your Facebook friends and Google+ and enjoy new emoticons. ICQ was originally introduced in November 1996, successfully attracting large numbers of people who wanted new ways to communicate with each other over the Internet. By offering features such as messaging to users who are currently online, SMS integration, file transfers, multi-user conversations, animated emoticons, multiplayer games,
ICQ, excellent program to chat with your friends

Its latest version possessed very traditional looking interface features, which will make it familiar to anyone who ever came into contact with any modern chat client. The main screen hosts the contacts search list, easy access to Facebook and Twitter networks, and its conversation window, which supports tabs and advanced options for SMS, video chat, phone calls, file transfer and many Functions. This configuration makes chatting an easy and agile experience for anyone who is interested in all forms of real-time communication. So do not wait any longer and start downloading ICQ for free.


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