April 26, 2017

Download Hamster Free Woman Calendar, calendar for women

Download Hamster Free Woman Calendar, calendar for women
Hamster Free Woman Calendar Download is an excellent free pc program that we dedicate to women. It is a program that will help you keep track of your menstruation days. It is a fertility calendar that following your characteristics, will give you the days of ovulation and the entire menstrual cycle. You will also be able to print this calendar and have it handy.

The first thing to do is to enter the data that Hamster Free Woman Calendar asks you for. It is about introducing fundamentally the first day of menstruation and other data with which to make the predictions of fertile days and other interesting data for women who want this data by hand.

If you have temperature data, you can enter them to be able to have a much clearer prediction. This is a free application or program that is currently available for Windows 7.


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