April 26, 2017

Download Evernote Clearly, for reading without distractions

Download Evernote Clearly, for reading without distractions
Evernote Clearly Download is an extension for the Firefox browser that is very useful for those who read a lot through the Internet with this browser, as it will take away many distractions. It is a document generator very readable from any web page. If you do not want more distractions, new links, advertising, etc, with  Evernote Clearly you can have the document to read that you needed.

With Evernote Clearly and with a single click you can have a text document in which you will only have the text, which is what most interests you and the main images. It is a very nice text to read and that will eliminate all those distractions that both bother you in reading certain pages. Only for Firefox users.

In addition Evernote Clearly , you have at your disposal 4 different themes and three font sizes that fit your needs.


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