April 27, 2017

Download Dexpot, several free desktop for your pc

Download Dexpot, several free desktop for your pc
Dexpot Download you will be able to enjoy several desks on the screen of your computer with which to comfortably perform several processes at a time. This free software for Windows is useful especially for computers with a large screen that can be divided without losing image quality.

With Dexpot you can split the screen of your pc in up to twenty independent parts, each with its taskbar and independent open programs. This is the creation of virtual desktops thanks to this free pc program.

If you are one of those who works with your computer and does it with several things at the same time, Dexpot is a program practically indispensable so that you can easily manage several jobs at once in your pc without going crazy.

Each desktop can have its different icons, your custom wallpaper etc. It is a program with many possibilities of configuration.


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