April 25, 2017

Download Caffeinated, to keep your pc awake

Download Caffeinated, to keep your pc awake
Caffeinated Download If you want your pc does not leave you hung at the worst time, when you are downloading something you will have to give a dose of strength and for this, we present this free program for pc called Caffeinated . With  Caffeinated you will keep your pc awake as much as necessary.

With Caffeinated you can keep your computer as long as you want. In addition to using this program you do not need to install it, just run it and send it the configuration you want already working.

An anti-lock protection is activated in such a way that the computer will work with all its powers.

You will be able to program this free program for pc with which you will be able to get that your computer does not fall asleep in the moments in which you most need it.

In addition, Caffeinated is very easy to use and is completely portable. Just access the link below and try it, you will not regret it.


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