March 03, 2017

Xiaomi presents cheap walkie-talkieXiaomi presents cheap walkie-talkie

Xiaomi presents cheap walkie-talkieXiaomi presents cheap walkie-talkie

Standige accessibility does not necessarily go hand in hand with owning a smartphone. Anyone who has a potential conversation partner in the vicinity can also make the communication simpler. The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi now offers a practical option with its new walkie-talkie models. The pair of radiotelephones, which are available in pairs, are to be launched in Chinese trade starting on March 3, and especially with a long battery life and a favorable purchase price. Up to eight days of standby time, the company provides for handy communication aids.

Radio on board
The white handsets beat about 34 euros per pair. The devices cover a UHF frequency range from 403 to 470 megahertz as well as a VHF frequency range from 136 to 174 megahertz. They are thus suitable for use in densely populated areas as well as in remote and largely disturbing areas. The practical radio operators are held in white, have a small LCD display and a handful of buttons on board. A built-in FM radio is provided for the media entertainment. It is unclear whether the equipment will reach German retailers.


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