February 28, 2017

Eurojackpot: 23 million euros are waiting for you!

Eurojackpot: 23 million euros are waiting for you!

23 million euros! The Eurojackpot starts again. Last Friday the jackpot was not cracked and the chance for the big money starts anew. Tap your lucky numbers and leave € 23 million now. Adoption is online depending on the state between 6:40 pm and 7:00 pm on Friday, after which it says: Hoping for the great happiness. In the Euro lottery , 5 of 50 numbers are typed and 2 are selected from 10 numbers.

Jackpot is not forcibly paid out
Andreas K├Âtter, Chairman of Eurojackpot, explains: "Contrary to lotteries such as Lotto 6aus49, the Eurojackpot does not have a compulsory distribution. As a result, the jackpot will remain until a player actually hits the winning class. We wish all Eurojackpot fans a lot of fun. "

Important : In order to participate in the lottery, the participants must be at least 18 years old. And please do not forget: gambling can be addictive. The profit chance at the Eurojackpot is 1:96 million for the first class.


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