February 27, 2017

Automatic image optimization in the check: So good are GIMP, Picasa & Co.

Automatic image optimization in the check: So good are GIMP, Picasa & Co.

I'm Image processing area behaves like Windows tuning: Not everyone wants to stay with subtleties. This makes it easy to access the automatic enhancement routine of a photo application. As a rule, the results remain behind the manually feasible. Nevertheless, the use is worthwhile, since it saves time and results in an ideal result. But are there really good results? The following is a comparison of common tools. Almost all are free.

Test scenario: Make the cow beautiful!
For the practice test specialists and all-rounder had to assert themselves. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer ( Version 5 , 6 ) and Photomizer ( Version 2 , 3 ) by Engelmann have been tested for 1-click optimization. Both do not have a feature arsenal - which is why expectations can be high. The 1-click tuning in GIMP , Paint.NET or Ashampoo Photo Commander (version 14 , 15 ) appears as a border function . Interesting is how Picasa strikes. After all, Google started its development. The free web version of Photoshop promises great results thanks to the name.

A down-scaled JPEG shot from an iPod touch 4G served as the source material: the sharpness could be higher - a good opportunity for the tools to prove strength. Without changing the settings, every (cloud) program was using the motif: a cow on a Danish pasture.


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